Hey, glad you found us. We’re kinda new around here. 


So, you're probably wondering, what is The Indie Alley? Short answer, we’re a female focused co-working space in Fairfax, California.


Slightly longer answer, we offer co-working, so you can get out of that home office or cafe, and get some work done in one of our cozy spots. We offer a range of programs that aim to make you into a fully functioning person rather than a glittering, shiny brand. (Though we are absolutely unwavering proponents of glitter, otherwise.) We offer a community of like-minded people who we think will share your visions and passions and messes and complaints, and just be with you through your working day. And we’re about supporting everything indie - we look for the independent, artisan and creative, whether that means music or magazines, coffee makers or change makers. 


Even longer answer, and kind of at our core, we’re about women, whether that touches on motherhood or empowerment, self-care or mental health, professional or personal lives. We recognize that at all stages of life women need support, understanding, and humor--whether navigating midlife, the teenage years, post-school angst, creative aging, shifting relationships, new babies, jobs, or homes, even divorce and death. All those changes, big and small, slight and impactful, that affect all the decades of our lives. You know, the ones that we usually deal with alone and that we would massively benefit from dealing with together? More than ever (heard that before?), we believe we need each other. That’s where The Indie Alley (and hopefully you) come in.


The Indie Alley is run by local women from the music, arts and performance worlds, who’ve figured out that our lovely town of Fairfax is missing one crucial piece – a place that we can work together. So let's make it happen.