Badass. Founder and owner of The Indie Alley. Steph’s a music professional who’s worked for the Walt Disney Company, Sony Music and Universal Music Group. In 2011, realizing the corporate culture wasn’t for her, Steph started her own music promotion shop called Mad Hank Music. She’s worked with today’s most successful pop and rock bands and develops new talent. (She’s hobnobbed with the likes of Green Day and Beyonce and she’s got the photos to prove it.) Jersey. New York. LA. Chicago. Fairfax. Steph’s career has taken her cross country. But she found home when she landed here in Fairfax. As an entrepreneur and a mom to two amazing kids, Hank and Madi, Steph knows how to do the working mom shuffle. Surrounded by other entrepreneurial women, and wanting to find a place to work outside the home, Steph saw a need for a place for us to gather. She planted roots for her family, now she wants a place where the rest of us can blossom. So begins the story of The Indie Alley. It’s a place to work, a place to collaborate, a place to boost one another in this thing called life. Thanks, Steph.



You could describe Amanda as a modern-day Renaissance woman. Mom. Maker. Mentor. With a degree in psychology, she’s dedicated much of her time to helping others. She works with foster children, special needs children, and the elderly. Her passion is helping to give a voice to those who have been quieted and brushed to the side. Really - she makes the rest of us look bad. She’s published research in ‘biomedical informatics’ (google it) and has only recently shifted gears from acquiring a degree in Computer Science to pursue other opportunities.  Today she spends her time as a mom to Riley and Willa. She homeschools. She’s the Indie Promotions Coordinator for Mad Hank Music. She’s a birth doula and a breastfeeding counselor. She’s a vegan (ask her for some of her yummy raw recipes!). Those many hats she wears? She crochets them all. And if you’re nice to her she’ll make you one, too.





Claire didn’t choose the Bay Area - it chose her (although she technically fell in love with Marin when she visited when she was 19 and from then on dreamt about living here). She was recruited from the UK because of her talents as an art curator. With an MA in Art History, Claire worked for Tate Modern, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and the Serpentine Gallery in London. She’s worked with some of the most important contemporary artists, curators and designers around the globe. But when San Francisco came calling (in real, non-dreamy terms) she decided to grow her career with the CCA Wattis Institute. She’s now got two kids, Sam and Ottilie. As a lover of ideas, Claire has spent the past couple of years examining and writing about the connection between culture and mental health. That led to her starting Storefront Institute, a pop-up maker space for thinking which hosts curated programs designed to actually help us deal with our very real and messy lives. She is a YBCA Fellow in the Public Imagination and her writing has been featured in The New York Times, The Independent, and Anxy amongst others. She’s also at work on her first book about how to get ahead of anxiety. When she figures that out she’ll let the rest of us know.



A native New Yorker, Jen’s a fast-talking, loud laughing girl. Growing up, Jen would watch surgeries on PBS. That sealed her professional fate as a documentary filmmaker. After getting a degree in writing for TV and film, Jen’s first job was for National Geographic Television where she developed film ideas. She’s been a storyteller ever since. She’s produced films for National Geographic, Discovery, TLC PBS, A&E, Bravo. These days, with two kids, Julian and Stella, to chase after, Jen’s focused more on writing. She writes scripts for TV documentaries (for some furry cuteness check out her work on National Geographic’s Unlikely Animal Friends on Netflix). She writes articles for places like the Huffington Post and Sunset Magazine. She also creates content, researches and writes for museums, tech companies and any client with a checkbook.