1 Year Anniversary

1 year anniversary.PNG

The Indie Alley is still kicking it after a year!  Such a wild, exciting and enriching ride this year has been.  When you do something like this it is essential to have inspiration.  For me, it is my daughter Madigan. She is my first born and my dream come true.  I always knew that I wanted children even as a child myself. When she was born it was the best day of my life.  Nobody can anticipate that feeling of complete and utter, unconditional love. It blew me away and she continues to blow me away every day.  If you know her you know why. She is smart, funny, very kind, but she also faces her own struggles like we all do. We face them together. As mother and daughter - the understanding that we share between us that, even at a glance, I know when she needs me.  I will live my life protecting her, fighting for her, being her champion.

We have vastly different upbringings.  My childhood was marked with a lot of volatility that involved abuse, divorce, many relocations and virtually no emotional support after my father passed away when I was at the tender age of 10.  I am determined to keep her safe and avoid as much turmoil as possible. She will be 12 on March 8th - International Women’s Day and the one year anniversary of The Indie Alley - a place where all people are welcomed, but with a special emphasis on supporting women from all experiences and backgrounds - a place where we all can feel safe.  My wish is that this passion project will inspire her to come into her own as she sees how independent and inspiring the women of The Indie Alley are. Here’s to another year of making life work and doing that together.

Let’s stay connected and find out what’s next with The Indie Alley.

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