Love, Learn, Live and Link


Here’s what we’ve been thinking about, noticing, getting done, coming across, loving, learning and maybe even living over the last couple of weeks:



We’re working out how to raise feminist daughters, but sons?


“Heartwarming Hell.” One of our favorite writers, reflects on the kindness that came with the fires


Why you need to develop intelligence in your fingers as well as that head of yours.


Here’s a fun playlist for the Great Outdoors


What do women want from their lives? How would you answer that?


We’re still reeling from 13 Reasons Why. Listening to this, we started to get glimpses of the often confusing and brutal lives of our teens, and how maybe they are not so different from us after all.


If we had a book club right now, this is where we would start. You will not think about taxidermy, or anxiety, in quite the same way again.


Jocelyn K. Glei is becoming our go to person to think about creativity in our daily lives. Here she figures out “attention slavery”- yup, that’s a thing – with designer and technologist Craig Mod:


Will Ferrel shows us how not to do dinner with our kids



Ok, we’re not currently trying to master French, but Ta-Nehisi Coates takes on what it means to be bad, and then kinda good, at something:


Brit writer Ruth Whippman on how happiness is really being around other people, as much as possible, every day.

And, finally, why that home office is not nearly as good as this co-working space.

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