Let’s Get to Work, Ladies!


Do you hear that? It’s the momentum of women across this country moving the needle and taking power into their own hands.

We’re doing a little happy dance here at the Indie Alley coworking space. Women won big at the polls yesterday. And we’re not just celebrating simply because of their gender. Most of the women who ran for office and won are progressive leaders who are warriors for equality. They’re a reflection of how we’re feeling right now.

Equal rights. It seems so basic. But if the past couple of years has shown us anything it’s that we can’t take anything for granted. The fight for equality for women, for people of color, for immigrants, for LGBTQ rights, and for all people, is far from over. But it’s fired women up. And today, it’s paid off.

Voters are sending almost 100 women to congress for a total of 123 representatives, including 40 women of color, a 29-year old powerhouse who is the youngest woman ever elected to congress, the first Muslim women, the first Native American women, a Somalian refugee, an immigrant from Ecuador, and so many mothers. And let’s not forget to celebrate the female allies who won who are looking out for all of us, too.

Now, the work begins.

By Jen Ciraldo

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Claire Fitzsimmons