Some Advice for Difficult Situations


Nobody does life alone.  Whether through a friend, a mentor, a parent, or even chance encounter, the connections we make are as important to our journey as the destination.  Here are just a few of the things we have learned and are happy to pay forward. What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?  Your experiences may vary, and we would love to hear what you have learned, too.

  • Find gratitude. Fear is a dark lens. Looking at life through gratitude makes your vision clearer. Fear can shut down your creativity, and in some cases can simply be unhealthy. Perhaps your fear is the challenge. Find gratitude in being in a position to accept that challenge! Who is a badass - YOU are a badass - steer that fear.

  • Find your confidence. We are hardwired as people to fight or flight, and mostly flight. It is why we obsess over the negative comment or perceived slight even in the middle of success. The quickest way to find your confidence is to zoom out the focus. Suddenly, the one bad thing is surrounded by so much more to be confident about.  It's so simple, so zoom quickly and don't fall into that crap trap of self doubt. It's way harder to shift once you are stuck in the muck.

  • Lean in to what frightens you. We all have those people who intimidate us. Schedule a meeting with the person who makes you feel less than and find their humanity. Look for what is relatable and open the door to learn more. This can help you build new confidence and perhaps create a new ally in the process. If nothing else you will erase the doubt as to whether or not this person is socially challenged, worthy of your time or an outright a-hole.  The more you know...

  • Brag. That's right - remind yourself and those around you that you are boss!  Do it daily for yourself and for your community.  Celebrate every bit of personal and professional growth regularly and share in that celebration!  It inspires others and helps you believe in yourself, especially when you put it out there -  because it is real when you verbalize it or display your excitement with a booty shake or two!  

These are just a few strategies we have learned to empower us and help us make life work. What works for you? Comment below or drop us a line at

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