Member Highlight- Raj

Raj working

We want to highlight a member here at The Indie Alley. Raj, he’s one of us here. We love it when he comes to get work done so that he can make life work. We asked him a few questions to share with you, an insight in the day in the life of a co-worker here at The Indie Alley.

Why do you like working at The Indie Alley?

I feel comfortable like I'm working from home (but not in my pajamas). A place to work that isn't too busy/crazy like a coffee shop but also not too quiet.

What do you look forward to when coming to The Indie Alley?

I look forward to crunching thru a lot of work (usually emails!). I love coming to The Indie Alley because of the great people here. Great people that are serious about work but also with sense of humor. I'm able to get work done and have fun. Who doesn’t want that! I love that!

What sets The Indie Alley apart from other coworking spaces?

I feel welcome here. I get tips on how small businesses handle matters: accounting etc. I also get tips on things to do in Fairfax and in Marin; schools etc. All the other things that make life work.

Thanks Raj for bringing your joy to our coworking space!

The Indie Alley is a vibrant, inclusive and open community. We’re populated with creatives and entrepreneurs alike yet there is zero pretense. We encourage you to come as you are and be comfortable. Whether that means pajama pants or a three piece suit - you will fit in.

We are looking for new and different walks of life to join us as we make life work. We pride ourselves on being the alternative to the average co-working environment. We tried the other spaces and they didn't feel quite right. Maybe you are experiencing the same?

Try us out and feel the difference. We invite you to come home.