Real Life: Make. Life. Work.


This little guy owns me. #owned

Every morning, he wants stay in bed and cuddle all day long if he (we)  could. Seriously, one day, I know this will end and I will yearn for these moments again. I love and relish that he wants to be with me and snuggle and roll around and giggle as our start to each new day. Not so secretly, I wish that he won’t grow up too fast. #momlife

He is the first one I see in the morning and last the one I see at night.  We are connected and he brings me so much joy I can't stand it. I mean, the hugs from this kid are magic. Have you had a hug from him? I may be biased and I might be bragging. When you have this much joy and love, you just have to share it! #hugsheal 

This morning, though, was different. The cuddle bug turned into a cuddle puddle of tears. He REALLY wanted to stay with me. Getting dressed to getting into the car was such a process! The struggle was REAL when I dropped him off at school. I could feel his heart, the thing he wanted, comfort. #thestruggleisreal

The tears were streaming down his face at drop off.  Ugh. It was like the first day of kindergarten all over again. Looking through my rearview mirror, my heart ached as he chased my car to the edge of the sidewalk. Before I turned to drive away he shouted, "I love you, Mom!" and I rolled down my window and said "I love YOU, best son!"  #workingmom

That was really difficult. Thankfully getting to The Indie Alley was something to look forward to. Getting to my tribe of people that know the struggle sometimes is intense. That I’m a good mom. That I’m doing the right things. That I am a good person. I come here to remember myself so I can go pick him up from school and be me, full of love. I bring him to The Indie Alley for a daily hug fest, so come on in!