Culture Club: A Year in Review

One of our favorite things to do at the Indie Alley is Culture Club. We launched this monthly meet-up way back in March when we launched the Indie Alley and we’ve been having great conversations about women-produced content ever since.

Here are some things we connected about:

  • Comedians Hannah Gadsby - We hadn’t ever seen anything like this before. So real and the 1st of it’s kind to be able to have people laugh and then be riveted by her story.  Ali Wong- She is so unapologetically disgusting, but it’s something we ALL think about. We’ve all experienced that level of gross raising kids and just being ourselves.

  • Illustrator and writer Lisa Congdon- Life still happens, even more richly after 40. We always talk about aging creatively. Well, we are doing it!

  • Novelist Chimananda Ngozi Adichie- We are breaking the stereotypes of what it means to be a feminist. We are for lipstick wearing feminists!

  • Jill Soloway’s Transparent- An education in some of the darker parts of being transgender. It was almost like we were learning about it as the characters were learning about it.  That gender is fluid.

  • Nigel Poor’s Ear Hustle - To feel humanity for some what we deem as “bad” people. It is such an uncomfortable feeling to connect at that human level and still know that they are serving time for doing something heinous.

  • Amy Sherman Palladino’s The Marvelous Mrs Maisel- I loved her. Her character was flawed and confused. She felt the need to be the perfect wife and all the neurosis in that endeavor. We all identify with something in her as we work through our own conditioning.

Each month, we’ve found not just women doing great things to impact the culture of women, but an incredible community of women here in Marin to share those finds with.

Below is our round-up, with the help of fellow Culture Club attendees, of our favorite content from across podcasts, books, TV and film made by women. Maybe you’ll find some new discoveries or old favorites below.

And if you love to talk about what you are reading, listening too, discovering, then join us for our next Culture Club in January. We’ll be talking about the Netflix filmPrivate Lives. And there’s a lot to talk about with that one!