Real Life: Stay Focused. Make. Life. Work.

stay focused.PNG

It was one of those hectic days when I was trying to squeeze everything in and stay on my game.  

Stay focused! Gotta make. life. work.

But you know when you are convinced that, try as you may, something is going to get lost in the sauce.  

Mmmm.  Sauce.

Oh yeah!  I forgot to eat! So much for the focus.  

I was in a pickle (mmmm, pickles) and I had to get to a doctor's appointment - ironically one of the self care type of visits.  

I was already running behind.  There is no time to eat.

How many times have you done that - not taken the time to nourish your body so that you can function for yourself and those around you? I bet too often if you are like me.

There are always a million projects that I try to manage and I have a team of people who seem to be dedicated to not allowing me to:

A.  Do it all myself and B. Not go mad trying to do it all by myself to make. life. work.

These people are a part of my tribe and I love them. One of my nearest and dearest is Manuel. He gets me. I have a vision and he makes it happen. I rely on him.  He delivers.

Today, Manuel was having lunch with his son, Issac, in my office and with one look he knew I was huuuuungry.  

At that point he very generously suggested that I take a bite out of his kid's sandwich! And I did! And then Isaac took that half eaten half a sandwich and finished it. And then I took some of his fries, well, almost all of them and he didn't slap my hand. FAMILY.  

It takes a village to do what we are doing here at The Indie Alley.  

This is how my tribe helped me make. life. work.