The Indie Release


Hi Friends,

Next month, well, really this Saturday, we're starting up our program of events and socials at The Indie Alley. 

We're here to help you work, with flexible and affordable memberships, and a cozy space for however you work, whenever you work. But we're also here to help you learn and to help you play!

We're kicking things off with a workshop that teaches you to use the video function of your smartphone to help you slow down and actually pay attention to what's around you. Led by the amazing SF artist Wioleta Kaminska, this is the first of many maker sessions that will bring the best creatives, from Marin and all across the Bay, to our space in Fairfax. If you want to learn, and don't want to cross a bridge, register for a spot in one of our workshops.

At the Indie Alley we are also huge believers in the value of community and of bringing people together, and in that spirit, we're kicking off our monthly Indie Alley Social Club this Saturday. So put down that laptop, pick up a cocktail, and come play some vintage board games with new and old friends.

If you love these events and don't need a space to work, consider joining The Indie Alley Alliance, our community membership.

Whether you want a place to work, learn, or play, we've got you covered. See you soon!

The Indie Alley

P.S. Thanks to Suzanne Christine Photography for the photos of our new space and to our dear friends for helping us out with the shoot! You can check out a selection on our website. Our space may look very, very different than how it looked late last year, so take a look, even if you think you know it. Huge thanks to Steph for working her design magic!