Love, Learn, Link & Live


Love, Learn, Live & Link

Here’s what we’ve been thinking about, noticing, getting done, coming across, loving, learning and maybe even living over the last couple of weeks:


The reason that we're 'Allies Welcome'.


Are we late to the party? We just discovered the Kind World Podcast and were mesmerized by these stories of a friendship as educational peace project and of not letting a day go by without helping someone.


This week, have you been more on the side of guilty or feminist? Maybe both?


"Distance and time provide perspective. To embrace slow thinking is to allow for shifts in opinion." The importance of stepping out of action sometimes. 


Thanks to Marin Mommies for our first piece of press. We're feeling very official now. 


And a mini-conversation with the artist Wioleta Kaminska and how you might be missing out on that visual feast all around you.