Why a Coworking Space is Good for You

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Before we started The Indie Alley, we thought it would be a good place for people like us to work. Little did we know how good it is for us professionally and personally. Here are a handful of reasons why joining a coworking space like The Indie Alley might be good for you.



Just getting out of the house and having a place to focus solely on work without any of the distractions of a home setting means we get to – wait for it – get stuff done.  Having a place for us independent workers to go gives us a sense of routine and structure. As Steph, founder of The Indie Alley says, “From 9 to 3 I’m focused just on work when I’m here. I’m not surrounded by my ‘to do’ list around the house.” And simply working around other people hard at work is motivation, too.



Networking is now a valuable activity in our professional lives. But it often feels forced. I’ve had a little success emailing people I’ve found on LinkedIn. But most of my freelance work has come from a get together with friends or acquaintances. The casual atmosphere of a coworking space can lend itself to interactions that can lead to opportunities, even if another member isn’t in the same line of work.



Yes – a coworking space is about work. But the benefits of membership extend to our overall wellbeing. It gets lonely working alone. And loneliness isn’t good for us, mentally or physically. Almost 90% of people who join a coworking space say they’re happier. Read all about this here in the Harvard Business Review.



Finally - on a bigger scale, a coworking space builds community by bringing together residents who would otherwise be alone. That’s been one of the main goals of The Indie Alley as we build up our membership – to build a community within our community.


Convinced that coworking could be good for you? Then take a tour, come by one of our Open Houses, or join The Indie Alley now.


By Jen Ciraldo

Claire Fitzsimmons