The Science Behind Our Space


What – you thought those comfy couches with funky throw pillows, the desks and tables, and front courtyard were just a stroke of design genius? Most of our furniture was upcycled by Steph, and she laid them out to create a relaxed, fluid interior. Turns out she was onto something.

Most of us have worked at desks or in the dreaded cubicle, but today’s workspace is all about casual encounters that can happen when we’re exposed to one another. That means creating an open and inviting workspace. A kitchen area to take breaks together spurs conversation and creates camaraderie.

Yes – we’re here to get work done. But as studies show, we are more productive and inspired in an office space that allows us to interact with other humans. (And of course we’ve got space for you to be alone, too.) And we’re less lonely, too. 

Read this great New York Times piece called ‘Don’t Get Too Comfortable At That Desk’ for some insight into how we work now.

By Jen Ciraldo

Claire Fitzsimmons