Make. Life. Work.


The Indie Alley is here to do lots of things, including...


Creativity comes home. Whether that's music or fashion, crafting or finding, we're bringing the best creatives from Marin and beyond to The Indie Alley.

Saturday, April 21: Finders and Makers Market, a monthly curated market of local crafters and creatives.

Saturday, May 26Craft Loves Company. A handcrafted evening designed just for you. Next month felt gardens, or whatever it is you are working on.

Thursday, June 14: An Intimate Morning Acoustic Session with Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld. We're bringing the Texas-based artist to The Indie Alley for a special session, just for our members.


Learn with us. Socialize with us. Live your lives with us. 

Saturday, April 21The Indie Alley Open House. Stop by this weekend and meet the team. We're happy to show you around. Free coffee!

Saturday, May 12: The Indie Alley Social Club: Clothing Swap. Co-hosted with Beach House Style. Bring a bag, take a bag and get restyled.

Saturday, May 12:Human Design with Amy Siriporn. Over the course of a morning, create a personal map for navigating your own life.

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Need a space to work? We have four membership options, for all your needs: 

The Indie Day Pass
Drop-in,$40/day($25/day for Alliance Members)
The Occasional Indie

The Everyday Indie
All Access,$250/month

The Indie Alley Alliance
Community,$30 / month

Interested in trying it out? Sign-up for a free session.

This month's Member perk is Office Hours on Naming with Bettina Ferrando

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Claire Fitzsimmons