Happy (six-month!) Birthday To The Indie Alley!


Welcome back!

We’ve just celebrated six months here at The Indie Alley. As we settle back into the routine that comes with the start of school, our members are in full force, arriving bright and early to start their day in the coworking space. Some of them even arrive before us and get the coffee going. This is more than a coworking space - it’s a home away from home.

Our membership grew this summer and we’ve got a great group of people who come throughout the week (and sometimes on weekends.) As we celebrate this milestone, this coworking space is pretty much exactly what we envisioned, but better.

When we first had this idea, we pictured a unique place where people come from around town to create, work and collaborate, or as we say here, Make. Life. Work. Fast forward to today and our members are coming from around the county.

But we’ve still got space for you.

Our space has evolved and grown and we’ve got a variety of tables and nooks and areas for people to work. A few members have even found the spot they love and where they’re most productive and have a reserved spot membership to make sure they get that space.

And we’ve started something new for the parents who are a part of our coworking space. If you’re a member with kids in sixth grade or higher, we’ve now got a daily Homework Club from 3:30 to 5:30 every day so you can keep on working while they get their own projects done.

If you haven’t been by to take a tour or to meet us please come by. We always love meeting new people. You can even try working here for a day. All you have to do is reserve a day pass.

Come by and see why people are joining us and if a coworking space is right for you!

Happy autumn!

By Jen Ciraldo

Claire Fitzsimmons