Real Life: 5am part 1

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I win some and I lose some.  I really prefer winning. I have always been super competitive.  But, when I woke up at 5am on Sunday I already knew that I was a loser.  Sadly, that is how I approached the morning due to the very odd agreement that I made with my fellow Indie that I would run over three miles with her at the ass crack of dawn.  It was Stacey’s birthday and her wish was that I participate in the Hot Chocolate 5k with her in San Francisco along with her daughters and other friends. I love her.

I made the commitment and I followed through.  (That’s a win!)

Backstory… last summer I was meant to do a mini triathlon with her.  I believe I woke up at 6am for that - tell me that there isn’t a really big difference between 5am and 6am and I will totally argue.  I was ready for that race.

I trained.

I actually trained for the swim, the ride and the run. I was excited and proud of myself for having the discipline and desire to do it.  

 I’d never been a part of an organized race like this, so my assumption was that I could register on site.  Um, nope. I cried when the race manager told me that I was out of luck. The tears didn’t change his mind. Something about insurance issues, etc. (He took one look at me and figured that I was a liability.)   When I was in my 20s and cried it usually meant I got what I was looking for. The tears were always real. I wasn’t faking. I was rewarded more often than not for being overly sensitive…and young. Now? Forget it.  Still real tears and still overly sensitive, but 25 years later there is no sympathy for the older version of me. That dude was clearly an agist, which made me feel better about taking the free sunglasses that they gave away to the participants.

FYI, I did, unofficially, participate.

I’m not a complete criminal.

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To Be Continued!