Real Life: 5am part 2

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Instead of being a sad sack that morning, I turned this crap situation into my-athlon.  They would not let me in the water (I tried), but they didn’t stop me from having an awesome ride or from crossing the finish line with Stacey who put on her medal and wore a big smile on her beautiful face.

I wanted a medal.  Like, really bad, I wanted one.

I can’t hang the sunglasses with pride. 

So this past Sunday was my chance!  Sorry Stacey, the real motivation was to get a medal.  I hate waking up early, but the medal! I hate being in huge crowds…but the medal!  I HATE running…but the DAMN medal. I could happily be a loser because I could STILL get a medal.  We had a very funny morning on our way into the city. Lots of joking and laughter and all around we were in great spirits despite the fact that it was still dark. Great parking spot, check, usable port-a-potties usable, check. Tiaras on, check (first time in my life wearing one, but it made Stacey happy and THE MEDAL was coming.)

And we were off. I didn’t run fast and truthfully, mostly I walked briskly. No matter what though…participation meant that I get a medal.  When the sun came out it was absolutely stunning. Everybody was enjoying themselves. The athletes running the 15k didn’t look like they were having as much fun as the 5k peeps were. Sadists don’t usually appear joyful. No thanks to the 15k, no matter how much I love you just don’t ask.

I took a selfie with the sun shining on my face - I look like I’m not having fun, but I was.  That is until shortly after I crossed the finish line. The medals were within sight. Mountains of beautiful gold medals glimmering in the new day’s sun.  

Stacey yells out emphatically “Steph, go get your medal!”  

I approached the mountain of medals, the moment I had been waiting for with a shit eating grin on my face.

Glory is mine!

“I’m sorry ma’am, these are for the 15k racers.”

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