Member Spotlight: Joe Johnston

Joe Johnston, Founder of Crowdlift

Joe Johnston, Founder of Crowdlift

We love our Indie Members! Here is Joe, one of our first members.

Joe Johnston

Founder of Crowdlift, a crowdfunding and growth marketing agency.

Joe Johnston has a background in software engineering, filmmaking, and marketing. Before starting Crowdlift, he co-founded three venture backed startups. Joe helped companies raise over $30M in crowdfunding and set several Kickstarter records for highest funded products in different categories.

While still supporting select crowdfunding projects, Crowdlift now focuses more on helping both new & established businesses grow & monetize their social media audiences.

"It's been a thrill working with new entrepreneurs around the world go from just a product concept to $1M+ in sales."

Check his company out:



Tw: @joejohnston

IG: @goodliftsocial

When not at Indie Alley, Joe is often riding the mountain biking trails around Fairfax or grabbing a beer at Gestalt Haus.

#crowdfunding #growthmarketing