Fridays are for Friends: Life. Happens. Part 2

bags of goodness.jpeg

Since the day I walked into the door at The Indie alley. I felt a connection to this place. I wouldn’t really be able to articulate what it is. But the moment that this fellow member reached out to me was evidence to why this place is so special. Not to sound hokey, but I’m really able to in this space and couldn’t imagine what life would look like if i hadn’t seen a post in January by Jaime from Marin Power Yoga. He’s always such a great connector. The time he took to post a simple, “Hey there’s a new place in town.” drastically changed my life.

A familiar face came to my rescue. Jennifer at Sustainable Fairfax. She befriended me at my moment of need. Had she not checked on me, I probably would have been overcome by emotion and had a hard time getting out of a dark space on my own. Because I wasn’t alone at my kitchen table, a sincere and caring check in turned into an amazing conversation.

After getting my family somewhat stabilized after the initial evacuation and loss of their home. Our family turned our efforts to helping those in the community who truly lost everything in the Camp Fire. We had a conversation that sparked new ideas and ways to get folks involved with a project that I started to help those impacted by the Camp Fire.

I shared the project with one of my friends. She shared it with her husband. In a week, her husband’s company prepared 27 Bags of Goodness. She called me to tell me that her car is FULL of bags and would like to donate.

It took 1 person to share and now we have 27 bags for 27 people in need.

It’s the power of friends.

It’s so wonderful to have friends who show up.