Fridays are for Friends: Life. Happens. Part 3


The project is called Bag of Goodness.

We came up with a simple way for people to have direct impact. The concept is to donate a bag (backpack, duffle, overnight, purse, tote) filled with needed items like jeans, sweatshirt/jacket new or gently used with a specific stage of life ( young child, teen, young adult, parent, grandparent). We try to have something practical and something fun in each bag. Packaged food- comfort snacks, a refillable water bottle.  Below are the nuts and bolts to how it works:


2 ways you can get involved-

I am so grateful for The Indie Alley, the community and support I find while working there. If you are looking for a workplace that isn’t in your bed or on a couch next to a pile of laundry while the kids or roommates are making all sorts of calamity, this place is for you. We won’t judge. Promise. All of us have been there.

I am so grateful for all the people who choose to give, choose to make direct impact to those that are in need. Indeed, we have hope for our community. We all have a part in creating the world we want to live in.

Fridays are for friends.

Feel free to talk about it with your friends and see how we can show up for local people who are in need. If you feel called to support this project, you can reach us on facebook A Bag of Goodness.