Real Life: Atmospheric River part 1

atmospheric river.jpeg

Feeling S.A.D.  It’s how I get this time of year.  I am tired of the rain. So far this year we had two Atmospheric Rivers.  What in the world? Hard fact: I am afraid of Mother Nature. She is moodier than me - that’s big.  It wasn’t always the case for me, but as I’ve gotten older and let’s just be real since I have had kids, I am afraid of almost anything. (OMG, I just now realized that I’m also afraid of my kids!)  

But Mother Nature is at the top of my list.  So as neat as the atmospheric river sounds, I am petrified.  (Should we be buying inner tubes?) We were holed up in our house without electricity twice now anxiously waiting for the flood siren to sound. The Indie Alley is in the flood zone.  Awesome, right? My kids and I put up the floodgates and put down the sandbags at 69 Bolinas every time we have a hard rain. But, Mother Nature, she scoffs at floodgates and sandbags when she really means business.  And she summoned up an atmospheric river twice and she will do it again if it pleases her. AN ATMOSPHERIC RIVER!

I used to be an avid snowboarder.  I’d be on the top of Heavenly in Tahoe, with my mouth agape until my adenoids froze over, staring at the majestic beauty of the lake. Then I’d tear down the mountain showing no concern for the ridiculousness of hurtling oneself through trees and the other insane, jackass people doing the same at speeds that could break all of the bones in my body if I misjudged just one edge.  Before kids I was afraid of virtually nothing.

I thought I could still manage a nice and leisurely ride down a mountain a couple of years ago.  At the time, our family was at Donner Lake and it was snowing heavily. Thick, beautiful and soft snow everywhere.  Mother Nature was in a great mood and provided a pillowy surface so if I fell at any point it wouldn’t be so bad.

What seemed like a lovely opportunity to relive my youth in a more thoughtful way turned into something a little different.  All was calm at the bottom of the lift. It was later in the day, and in the middle of the week, so it wasn’t busy. Jace and the kids went into the lodge for some hot chocolate and I hopped on the lift and up I went.  And then up and more up and upper and up up up uppest - WTH? By the time I got to the top it was a total white out. I fell off of the lift (don’t worry, I was prepared for that to happen…even in my finest hours I have had a hard time de-lifting.)  I couldn’t see anything. Nobody was there. Not a soul. I didn’t see any signs. I wasn’t even sure which way was down. I did have a cell phone! Pulled it out and it had a signal! I called Jacent. No answer. I called again. No answer. I called again but NO SIGNAL.  I waited, called again, voicemail. Seriously?

To be continued… part 2 coming soon!