Real Life: Mistakes Happen. Make. Life. Work.

Huh… no school crossing guard today.

Huh… no school crossing guard today.

Real Life- I'm #tired.  I make #mistakes when I’m tired.

When am I most tired? EVERY morning. Google 'not a morning person’ and you will see an image of me - ok, don't do it, but do take my word for it.

Here’s how my mornings go, real talk, real life. I suffer from insomnia, My best sleep is when I pass out between midnight and 1am only to be woken by night sweats and/or Hank's feet on my throat. (Why do kids move so much???)  I get up to go to pee. After turning 45 my bladder shrunk to the size of a pea (pun intended.) Then I do the same hustle of trying to fall back asleep. The cricket boogie for 45 minutes of rubbing my feet together to get them warm and just - as - I - get - to - that - phase - of deep sleep the alarm goes off. I hit snooze and then again and again and wake up to hurry: showering, dressing, encouraging Hank to dress, get his lunch IN his backpack. As you can tell, I am Mom of the Year, at least 11 years running. He eats breakfast in the car and we get to school by the skin of our teeth. The weekday hustle to make life work.

2019 will be different!  

Smooth transitions will be good for Hank and me.  I’m getting my shit together and will no longer rush to the finish line. SO, this morning I only hit snooze TWICE which built in 9 whole minutes - a veritable game changer! Hank and I cuddled (that will always be a part of the morning ritual). I hopped into the shower while giving him his first prompt to dress.  He said, "Mom, I am okay with going back to school after holiday break, but I am still lazy." I assumed that meant I needed to motor so I could get him dressed.

I turned around and HE DRESSED HIMSELF - a miracle.

2019, we are on fire.

We started driving, another miracle - no traffic! 2019 is already golden. Sir Francis Drake was empty, miraculous again. We got to the first crossing guard post, but she wasn't there. Hm?! Where is she! I see her every school day smiling and waving. We pulled onto Oak Manor and the second crossing guard wasn't there aannnnd loads of parking. Huh?!  Aannnnd no kids. What?! Realizations, real life. Daaaamit! No school. Oy, I make mistakes when I’m tired. Good thing I was awake enough to not drop him off.


Here's to 2019!

I got a bonus day with my son. Not a bad consequence. I'm going to make the best of things and make life work even when I make mistakes. #reallife