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A Formula for Financial Wellness with Beth Crittenden


The topic of money can be fraught with difficult emotions…shame, anger, grief, fear, envy to name a few. And it gets our attention so well because we need it for survival. Beyond survival, money can be a great tool for helping ourselves and others to grow and thrive. 

There are three crucial elements to living well with money. It is possible to feel authentically confident, peaceful, accepting, and inspired when it comes to money! When the 3 elements (attention on numbers, deep self-honesty, and connection) are well-handled, we can enjoy money in its proper place in our lives. 

It is common for some people to have stronger skills with just one of the aspects (i.e. comfortable crunching the numbers but not talking about the feelings with someone else; or, comfortable being honest with oneself in the moment, but not tracking or interpreting the bigger financial picture). That’s a great start to be strong in one area, but true peace of mind and self come from having all three aspects integrated and working well.

Join us for the 2-hour adventure of Connection on increasing your own financial wellness. The tools and skills we will review and practice together work for both business and personal finances. This will be a safe zone, guided and informed by mindfulness and feminine values, in which to grow more clear and confident around this topic.  

Your facilitator for this afternoon will be Financial Wellness Coach Beth Crittenden. Beth has been studying within this area for the past decade, to her own surprise! Bringing together elements learned in somatic psychology, Buddhist practice, partner dancing, improv, addictions and family recovery, small business administration, and the ever-humbling world of competitive tennis, Beth is an eclectic and honest guide about ways to both lighten up and excel when it comes to financial wellness.