indie alley program feedback

We need your help…

We’ve been running programs at the Indie Alley for almost a year now. We’ve hosted socials like Christmas in July, Trivia Night and a Clothing Swap. We’re brought Members together around our Culture Club and our Creativity Lounge. We’ve brought well-known musicians like Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October, writers like Susie Herrick and artists like Tiffanie Turner into our space. We’ve held talks on everything from being more present in your work life to becoming more conscious of our microaggressions. We’ve even presented a workshop on taking a great business photo with your iPhone.

Now we’d love your feedback for how we go forward. What are you most interested in seeing, attending and learning about at the Indie Alley? How can we best support you in your professional life, give you tools for navigating your personal one, and bring more fun, curiosity and company into your world.

Below is a short survey that we’d love you to fill-in. The more we know about you and what you need the more we can tailor our programs to fit you, making sure we get the subject, practitioners, timing and price point all right. Please take a moment to complete it and then just hit submit at the end!

Thank you!

This is not required. You can submit anonymously if you prefer.
For instance, this could be business skills, creative experiences, wellness information, parenting advice, social events and support, or something else entirely. Be as specific as you can so we can tailor our programs to you as much as possible.
If you have a way of reaching them, all the better, so we can see if we can connect with them.
What price point feels good to you for workshops and events
You can tick more than one here.
Which days of the week can you typically attend an event, workshop or social?
What time of the day is best for you to attend something at the Indie Alley?
Where do you usually find out about local events that you'd like to attend?
If you don't know about this option, for just $30 a month you get access to free monthly events, like our Culture Club, Socials and Creativity Lounge, as well as 10% off our other events, access to exclusive Member-Only Benefits and inclusion in our Member Directory. If you are interested, can we send you our introductory offer - you'll need to add your email here.