Event Hosting


Do you know that you can rent The Indie Alley? Seriously, you totally can.

We have various spaces available by the hour, the evening, the day, depending on your needs. Take a look at our spaces below and choose the one that works for you. Need more information? Reach out to us at hello@theindieally.com for a consult, or consider Becoming a Member to receive rental discounts and special perks!


The living room

This is our relaxing, intimate living room space. It's perfect for coworking, workshops, readings, and crafting sessions. Anything that gets a small group working and talking together. There’s an abundance of natural light and you’ll have full access to our kitchen area (though we don’t have cooking facilities on site beyond a toaster oven and microwave!).

                                                                                       Members                            Non-Members

Evening, M-F, 6pm to 10pm:                                     $250                                    $350

Weekend, 9am to 1pm or 2 to 6pm:                          $500                                    $800

There is a $50 clean-up fee.


the den

Our den space is full of possibilities. The concrete floors and adjustable lighting mean you have the option to welcome in the outdoors, allowing guest to overflow onto our private patio space, or close up and minimize light, for events like film viewings, multimedia presentations, and intimate dinners. Whatever you can imagine. 

It’s the blank canvas of The Indie Alley. We’ve used it for work meetings, fashion evenings, a drinks reception and a pop-up artisanal chocolate shop. When you book out this space, you’ll also get access to the Conference Room. Capacity: up to 10 people

                                                                                      Members                             Non-Members

Evening, M-F, 6pm to 10pm:                                     $100                                   $200

Weekend, 9am to 1pm or 2 to 6pm:                          $200                                   $300

There is a $50 clean-up fee.



Need a space for a group or team meeting, or just additional space to spread out your papers? Our Conference Room is a private space within The Indie Alley that gives you all the benefits of being here: that means complimentary Wi-Fi, drinks and snacks and a cozy space in which to work. Capacity: 10

The Rental Fee for the Conference Room Depends on your Membership level.

Everyday Indie: 2 hours free each week. Anything beyond is $5/hr. Alliance: $15/hr. 

Non-Members: $25




Yep, that’s possible. You can rent the entire Indie Alley. That means you get to use The Living Room, The Den and The Conference Room, and even the actual alleyway that gives us our name. 

                                                                                                   Members:                Non-members:

Evening, M-F, 6pm to 10pm:                                                  $700                       $900

Weekend, 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm or 6pm to 10pm:        $700                        $900

There's also an additional $100 clean-up fee.



We're lucky to work with Member Stacey Dillon of Stacey and Company on creating special events within The Indie Alley. As the Winner of the Pacific Sun Best of Marin Wedding and Event Planner, Stacey is the person to make your event happen in the way that you imagine it really happening. She can actually make those Pinterest boards of yours real! 

Work with Stacey on throwing a baby shower, engagement party, or kids birthday party at The Indie Alley. Or maybe you had something else entirely different in mind. Complete this form with your event requirements and contact details, and Stacey will get back to you.