member benefits


The Basics

You’ll get free Wi-Fi of course, and printer access (up to 50 pages b&w per month--Inkjet and Laser printers available). We’ll have scanning and faxing facilities too.

We’ll provide tea and coffee so that you don’t have to, a fridge of beverages and a cupboard of snacks.

There’s also a curated shelf of magazines and books to peruse and take home (please bring back!) so you’ll no longer need to spend all your money on inspiration and keeping up to date!




Some extras

You’ll get access to special member-only socials as well as a free special event a month.

We’re also working on a lunch service with local businesses, so you don’t have to up and leave your desk to get yourself fed and watered through the day.

There’s bike parking in the alley, electric outlets and iPhone charging stations. You can also rent a storage locker. We’ll have a landline. And there will be sound proofed phone booths for personal calls.



We’ve tried to think of all the different things we need and to bring them into the space. But we can’t do everything, (though we try and try).  Have some suggestions? Please let us know below!

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