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From Pain to Power: A Celebration of Female Resilience and Strength


The ancient Japanese art of kintsugi repairs what is broken with gold, enhancing the beauty and preciousness of the broken object. We can see this happening at the cultural level with the impact of the #MeToo movement and the Supreme Court hearings on Capitol Hill, as well as on the recent midterm elections. Over 100 women are set to take seats in Congress, among them the first Muslim woman to serve in Congress and the first Native American women to serve in Congress, as well as the youngest woman to serve. A gold seam of feminine power and wisdom is beginning to appear along the cracks in our broken political system. 

For many of us, recent events have exposed our own personal hurts and broken places. When women gather to share their truth and weave their threads of experience it is a powerful act of resistance and resilience. It mends the cracks with gold, creating something stronger and more beautiful than the original.

If you have been wanting to gather and speak your experience with other women, and to combine your voice and strength with that of other women, you are invited to participate in a community gathering for women and their allies at the Indie Alley on Wednesday, November 14, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

This gathering will be led by Emily Swanson, local psychotherapist and mother. Emily’s work is trauma-informed and focuses on helping people find true belonging within themselves and the larger community. She is passionate about helping people move through pain and hardship to a place of inner clarity, strength and joy.  A trained facilitator of Joanna Macy’s The Work that Reconnects, she facilitates women’s groups and workshops that develop nature connection, authenticity, and resilience in the midst of a rapidly changing world. Emily is a member the GoWild Institute teaching team and leads the ecotherapy program at BaysideMarin.

To learn more about Emily, visit her website.