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What's Your Story: Office Hours with Jacent Jackson (Member Perk)

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As a freelancer, you probably understand that your business success can be traced to your personal brand. How do you tell that story? What actions can you take today to extend your personal brand and find future success?

The barriers to media have fallen. You can find your niche and your people by telling your story via media that's easily accessible by phone. Reach out via podcast, youtube, facebook and more.

Whether you are just getting started in using media, or you would like to think through some new strategies and best practices, let's talk about it. You have a story. How do you want to tell it?

About Jacent Jackson: Midwest native Jacent Jackson has combined an education in advertising with a passion for storytelling and performance.

His adventures in the broadcast industry range from hosting morning shows to developing the talents of creatives to leading some of America's finest radio brands, including stops in Chicago and most recently as a Program Director for CBS Radio in San Francisco.

Today, Jacent lends his talents to new media brands such as YouTube channels Looper and Grunge. His voiceover work has been streamed in the hundreds of millions across YouTube and Facebook platforms.

He is also working with podcasters, applying years of spoken word coaching and experience to an exciting new medium with explosive growth potential.

Jacent is a partner in life and in business with Stephanie Harty, founder and owner of The Indie Alley. Together they have two children, a lovely little dog, and a new baby at 69 Bolinas Road in Fairfax.

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