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Situations: Divorce (Member-hosted)


Divorce marks the legal ending of a marriage, but the unraveling of this committed relationship is where the real work begins.

In this workshop for divorcing women, you will be introduced to the idea that your marital ending is a rite of passage to be honored and utilized as an opportunity for growth and transformation. We will make space for your feelings, unearth the patriarchal myths about divorce that keep you stuck, and empower you to release what's unnecessary, as you learn how to lay a strong foundation for launching into the next chapter of your life.

Over this evening session, we'll cover the following areas:

  • Challenge culturally perpetuated stigma around divorce so you can develop a more authentic perspective on this common life transition. 
  • Restore balance to your body and life so you can feel grounded and remain healthy through the stress.
  • Learn the practice of self-compassion so you can let go of the thoughts and feelings creating unnecessary suffering.
  • Set intentions and renew vows to yourself so you can move forward with clarity and committed actions.

*This is the first in a series that focuses on the major situations that can affect our lives and how we might better approach these together.

PRACTITIONER BIO: Dr. Andra Brosh, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical Psychologist and holistic nutrition coach specializing in the integrative mental and physical health of women in transition.

Dr. Brosh's unique philosophy and approach to divorce has made her a sought-after guide by women across the country struggling to find their way back to a new normal. Through clinical observation and personal experience with her own divorce, Dr. Brosh learned that the aftermath of a marital ending is as devastating as a natural disaster. To capture the magnitude of this life event she coined the term Ever-Aftershock™ to explain the under-recognized trauma and disillusionment that comes with the shattered dreams and unclaimed future fantasies of the loss.

Dr. Brosh lives in Inverness with her dog Clementine, and facilitates talks, workshops, and retreats for women in the midst of a life transition in Northern and Southern California.