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Capture the In Between: A photography class for parents // POSTPONED


If you've taken a photo of your family, looked at the back of the screen, and thought "I need to learn how to use this thing better", then this class is for you!

With this course you will achieve a new found confidence with your camera. We will cover both the technical and creative side of creating an image, from exposure triangle to composition, memory card selection to types of light. By the end of class you will be excited to put all your new found skills to use and create photos you can be proud of! Just in time for all those summer memories you want to capture.

Register now at introductory price of $50 (special beta price)

Oh, and there will be prizes for bringing a buddy, so invite your shutter happy friends to join you!

Practitioner bio: Rachel Simpson has created this class to teach parents how to see and capture all the sweet moments that happen daily under our noses. She likes long walks in the woods and large ice cream cones. Rachel is a photographer because she feels strongly that there is beauty in the ordinary and it is her mission to show people their everyday beauty through her photographs. You can learn more about her work here: Rachel can also be found on Instagram at @livealifeunscripted and facebook at