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How to Improve Your Public-Speaking Self Confidence

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Do you hate public speaking?

Does the thought of presenting to a group make you sweat and want to hide in some far-away bunker?

Do you wish you could feel more capable, free and self-confident in sharing your ideas?

With public speaking being one of America’s greatest fears, learning to speak to groups is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your peers and create new opportunities and recognition… and it doesn’t need to be so hard!

In this evening workshop with Andrew Vargas-Delman, you’ll learn:

- The ONE most important step to improving your comfort level as a speaker

- The 4 elements of self-confidence (and techniques for learning each one)

- How to structure a talk or presentation effectively for your audience

Join us as we conquer your fears and give you the tools for making public speaking something you just do!

More about Andrew Vargas-Delman:

Andrew Vargas-Delman has a passion for honest, effective and emotionally intelligent communication. As a coach, he helps his client build self-confidence, communicate effectively and create more meaningful relationships at work and at home. Entrepreneurs, business professionals and creatives have used his techniques to sharpen their public-speaking and communication skills, improve relationships with colleagues and clients, and increase their income. An enthusiastic public speaker, Andrew is excited to share his expertise with audiences seeking three things: confidence, connection and emotionally intelligent communication.