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Feminist Culture Club: Fleabag an Amazon Original


For our October Culture Club, we’ll be discussing Fleabag, the Amazon Original show. 

How to sum up this complex, addictive two-series story about an anti-heroine who says fuck a lot, and fucks a lot, and fucks it all up, and is fucking brilliant.

Here is a voice that does not offer your standard feminist millennial narrative.

Here is an actual real, fully fleshed out female character written by an actual funny, smart and disarming woman who gets to assert her own idiosyncratic, authentic and reassuringly contradictory perspective (unpack that if you will!).

Here is a voice that just gets the humor of it all even if the pain and confusion inserts itself right next to it.

Here is a woman that is sinking in her mistakes as she breezes through the abundance of what life should look like in your twenties living in London. We were mesmerized, as we know many others were. Also hot priest, just saying. Watch BOTH seasons and we’ll see you at culture club.

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Earlier Event: October 29
Later Event: November 5
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