Culture Club: A BOok Club with A DIFFERENCE 

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We're starting a book club, but with a difference. We're going to include podcasts and articles, fiction and non-fiction, short stories and TV series. You know, all the huge amounts of content that we're all now consuming and that we want to so desperately talk about. So if you caught Big Little Lies, or read Cat Person, or followed S-Town, or something equally as brilliant and amazing that you want to share, then this is your forum.

Our new monthly Culture Club is for everyone, whether you see yourself as an avid consumer of new ideas and content, a seeker of new writers and voices, or just someone who is driven by curiosity and conversation. 

We're setting the first session for a mellow Sunday evening get together at The Indie Alley, and for this inaugural meeting of our new Culture Club we're going to choose a podcast. We'll update you soon with our choice of which one, so you can get started listening in time for our first meeting!

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