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Free Wellness Evening: Healing Hashimoto's through Root Cause Disease Reversal with Functional Medicine Doctor, Stephanie Daniel, D.O. 

  • The Indie Alley 69 Bolinas - Fairfax Road Fairfax, CA United States (map)

With Indie Alley Member Georgina Szabo, we’re bringing you a special Wellness evening with Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr Stephanie Daniel. Georgina worked with Dr. Daniel and successfully reversed her Hashimoto’s disease within 6 months. As a result she was able to get pregnant naturally at age 39, and gave birth to a healthy baby girl (shown in this gorgeous photo).

Hashimoto's is the most common cause of Hypothyroidism and the Number 1 autoimmune disease, affecting on average 14 million people in the United States alone, most of them women.

Symptoms can show up as fatigue, brain fog, dry skin and nails, hair loss, slowed digestion, feeling cold, menstrual irregularities, anxiety and depression and weight gain -- all things that Dr. Daniel hears so many women lament about all the time.

If they manage to get a diagnosis from their doctor, the only thing offered is a lifetime prescription of thyroid hormone, which can only serve to try and manage symptoms, but does nothing to reverse the autoimmunity.

The truth is, this is just the alarm bell, the canary in the coal mine sounding a warning to look deeper into what is causing the immune upset. Furthermore, the risk of developing another autoimmune disease when you have Hashimoto's goes up.

This evening’s wellness discussion will explore how Hashimoto's develops and what can be done to reverse or prevent it from ever happening in the first place. Through particular nutritional principles, reducing toxins in your environment and in your body, addressing other culprits of autoimmunity like imbalanced gut microbes and chronic infections, Dr Stephanie Daniel will show you the way to get back to health and increase your resiliency against autoimmune disease.

This is a Free Event but you need to register here to attend.

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