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Culture Club: Lisa Congdon's A Glorious Freedom


For September's Culture Club we're talking about Lisa Congdon's latest A Glorious Freedom: Older Women Living Extraordinary Lives. We loved this book. Not just for its gorgeous illustrations, but also for the stories it tells about women over the age of 40 who are making wonderful things happen in their own lives and those of others.

This book of interviews and essays (including those on and by Vera Wang, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Julia Child, Cheryl Strayed, Katherine Johnson, and Louise Bourgeois) presents a very different narrative for how women can and should age, and what we (as individuals and society) expect and demand of women as we get older. Reading this book gave us a much-needed sense of freedom, possibility, and adventure. Truly inspiring and refreshing! 

Read it. Digest it. Make plans that excite you and confound expectations because of it. And join us for Culture Club to share what this book sparked for you.


Culture Club is free to Members of the Indie Alley (just enter your exclusive promo code in order to access your free tickets! Not sure what that code is? Email us:

For non-Members, there's a nominal fee that covers drinks and snacks on the night!

Culture Club is our book club with a difference. We include podcasts and articles, fiction and non-fiction, short stories and TV series. You know, all the huge amounts of content that we're all now consuming and that we want to so desperately talk about. So if you caught Big Little Lies, or read Cat Person, or followed S-Town, or something equally as brilliant and amazing that you want to share, then this is your forum.

Our monthly Culture Club is for everyone, whether you see yourself as an avid consumer of new ideas and content, a seeker of new writers and voices, or just someone who is driven by curiosity and conversation. Our sessions take place on mellow Sunday evenings at The Indie Alley. There's wine and company and of course sparkly conversations!