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Speaking Wellness: 4 Conversations to Shift Your Child’s Health with Dr Heidi Skye


Do you freak out when your child is sick and hurting — or are you the healing, calming presence they need most?

Do you feel confident using the power of the mind-body connection?

You know the value of making healthy choices every day — but do you know how to teach it to your child?

Do you want simple guidelines from a holistic point of view on:

  • when a fever is necessary and healthful and when it needs to be lowered

  • how to know when your kid needs a trip to the ER and when to allow the process of self-healing  

  • some body basics to help you know your best course of action — even in the middle of the night?

This workshop will help you become a r(E)volutionary mama! Dr Heidi will show you how to tame your anxiety, build your understanding of holistic health care, and give you tools to keep an injury or illness from becoming a crisis or trauma — one conversation at a time.

About Dr. Heidi Skye:

Heidi Skye M.S., D.C is a mom and a family chiropractor who blogs at Her passion is to speak and write about the conscious conversations parents can have with their children to create a “Culture of Wellness” in their families. She has been in private practice in the San Francisco Bay area for 20 years and holds a master’s degree in Neuroendocrinology.

Later Event: September 24
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