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March for Our Lives


We at The Indie Alley have been inspired by the brave students of Stoneman Douglas High School, who have developed an event for March 24 in cities across the United States in support of common sense gun reform.

If you are of a certain age, you may remember doing various emergency drills in your school. Creating drills for our students to hide from their fellow heavily armed citizens is not only heartbreaking but preventable. There are ways to constructively address these issues, if only for political will. March For Our Lives is a first step in demonstrating that there is an appetite and a need to address fixing our broken gun regulation system in the name of public safety.

If you have an interest in attending the rally in San Francisco on March 24, please send us an email. We are planning a carpool to the event, and will be meeting at 8 am at The Indie Alley.

If you cannot attend but would like to donate to this worthy cause, click this link. It is time to move forward toward a nation where rights and responsibilities are back in balance.