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On Presence with Melissa Jones Briggs

Photo credit: Mark Vinokur

Photo credit: Mark Vinokur

In this highly interactive workshop, we’re taking on how you see yourself and how others see you, so you can negotiate both professional and social settings with greater agility and confidence.

Combining performance techniques and the latest data from the fields of social psychology, this session will provide insight into how behavioral range - physical, vocal, intellectual, mindset, and strategic - affects your impact at work, and beyond. 

Working with Melissa Jones Briggs, you’ll get to recalibrate self-perception and the perception that others have of you. By becoming fluent in the nuances of organizational and interpersonal dynamics, you’ll find it easier to expand your authentic range, change how you are perceived and achieve your strategic, operational and professional objectives. Not bad for a night.


Melissa is a rare find: she has a unique approach that combines research from the fields of social science, design theory and the practical application of performance techniques. Melissa empowers people around the world to broaden their authentic range, which in turn allows them to show up more effectively across diverse contexts and to transition with agility between roles.

Raised in the UK, Melissa is a US west coast transplant, where she now shreds California single-track trails on her mountain bike at every opportunity. Melissa believes that if you shine a light on the vast chasms of empathy and communication - which exist on the street and in the kitchen, in schoolrooms and boardrooms, in the halls of government and academia - the rifts will heal. Her work bridges the gap between the privileged and the marginalized, the professional and the creative, the academic and the practitioner.

On Faculty at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) Melissa works as a Lecturer in Organizational Behavior teaching Acting with Power. This popular MBA and Executive Education course uses performance techniques to help students address their issues around power, authority, and status. And as a Principle Consultant at People Rocket, a Management Design firm, she works with executives and teams at corporations, institutions and nonprofits all over the world. 

This session offers a glimpse of her work in these arenas and what it really means to show up and take space. Like those future business leaders, we all need these tools to better negotiate our working and social lives.