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Date Night!

Need a kick in the pants to get your dating profile up?

Do you need help navigating this world of dating, online dating, apps and all the things?


You are in luck! We are gonna do just that.

Dating Profiles and More!

The world of dating has changed drastically in the last 10 years. So if you need support in getting started, we are here for you!

We will spend an evening getting you set up:

  • on the app/online site that’s right for you

  • support in getting your profile to reflect YOU


  • get some tips on how to use the dating app/resource

  • have FUN together

  • walk away feeling good about yourself

Bring your:

  • phones (and computer, if you want to have more options)

  • make up and things if you wanna take some fresh pics

We are a no shame environment.